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About Billy Bland Fishery

Billy Bland Fishery started a little over fifty years ago in the small southern community known as Walker Creek, near Taylor, Arkansas. A new lake was being built, Lake Erling by International Paper Company. Billy knew fisherman would be coming to the lake on a regular basis and would need bait.  He saw this as a opportunity to start a business he had always dreamed of, owning and operating a fish farm.  With little education and even less money, he started going to the Red River and seining minnows and brought them back and sold them, a penny each.  Soon a route was started delivering minnows to other bait stands around other lakes and he saw the desire people had of wanting ornamental goldfish.  He bought a couple of acres and through trial and error a few fish were raised. Then a few years later, a couple more ponds were built, and a few more fish were raised. The rest, they say is history. Today, Billy along with his son Jim and Jim’s son Jeremy, continue to strive to produce quality, healthy fish for customers across the country.

With over 400 acres of land and ponds, Billy Bland Fishery, Inc. produces quality Goldfish, Koi, Minnows, Catfish and Tropical Fish. The Goldfish line consists of the Red Fantail, Black Moor, Calico, Sarassa Fantails, Sarassa Comets, Comets, and Shubunkins. We have Blue and Gold Channel Catfish, Rosy Red Minnows and an ever increasing line of Tropical Fish. We are working very hard on the continued development of our growing line of Koi and Butterfly Koi. 

While Goldfish continue to be our leading commodity our improvements in our Koi line are ensuring they are as important to the growth of our business as our Goldfish.


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