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Billy Bland Fishery carries many varieties of goldfish (carassius auratus) along with Koi ( cuprinus carpio), channel catfish (ictaluras punctatus) blue and albino or gold. The Rosy Red Minnow ( pimephales promelas) is a fish we carry year around. We also have the bullfrog tadpole (rana catabiensa) from time to time.

We are expanding into water lilies and hope to have a growing line to choose from.

Below is a brief description of the fish we have here at Billy Bland Fishery, Inc.

Comet – A red/orange colored fish with a straight tail which is either short or long. These fish range from 1-2” up to 12” in length.

Sarassa Comet – A bright red/white fish similar to the comet in body style. These fish range in length from 1-2” up to 12” also.

Shubunkin - A fish shaped similar to the comet, with blue, gray, red, yellow and orange mix of colors. These fish will also get to 10-12” in length.

Catfish - These fish are channel catfish that will grow to several pounds over time. We carry both the blue channel and the albino or gold catfish.

Rosy Red Minnow – Commonly known as a tuffy minnow, only with a light pink color.

Red Fantail – A fish with a round body, split tail that fans out .

Black Moor Fantail - A black fish with a round body shape similar to the red fantail. This fish has protruding eyes that make it different.

Calico Fantail - A multicolor fantail with red, blue, brown and gold colors.

Sarassa Fantail – A fantail with the distinct red/white colors with a body shape similar to the fantail

Koi – We have koi in different grades.
Our premium select (A Grade), Select (B Grade) Standard ( C Grade ) and (D Grade).
See Koi page for descriptions of each.

Butterfly Koi – We offer the same grading in our Buttefly Koi .

Hardy Water Lilies – A new product for us, we are learning more and more about this new venture. At this time, we have several colors to choose from.


Giant Gouramie – This tropical is a popular fish among tropical fish enthusiasts. The male has green and gold stripes.

Black Tetra – This fish will mix well with other tropical fish. It is black with a silver stripe down its side.

Plecostomus- A mainstay for most aquariums. This algae eater will keep aquariums clean.

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