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Packaging and Handling

  • Fish are packed as close to departure as possible. Fish are treated while in our holding facility before being shipped.
  • There is a $8.00 per box charge for packing and hauling. The packing charge for goldfish and koi includes the outer box, wax coated liner to help prevent leakage, plastic bag, ice pack in warm months and preparation for shipment. The packing charge for tropical fish includes the plastic bag, outer box and wax liner in warm months; plastic bag, outer box, inner Styrofoam box, and heat pack in cooler months.
  • The hauling charge includes transportation costs to and from the airport. We ship air freight out of Houston TX which is 5 hours one way for us to travel but we have found we get more timely flights with a variety of carriers by doing this.
  • Extra ice packs and double bagging are available at an additional charge.

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