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Shipping and Delivery

  • Air freight shipments are Monday and Thursday of each week from Houston, TX where there are a variety of airlines to choose from. We also have FedEx and DHL available upon request.
  • Customer should pick up fish at the airport within 2 hours of arrival of plane. Report any loss or damage to us within 24 hours of arrival of fish. An over count is added to each box to take care of the normal loss of handling.
  • Fish not picked up within 2 hours of arrival will not be given credit on any losses. It is your responsibility to check and see if fish have arrived. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE AIRLINES TO CALL YOU.
  • All freight charges are to be paid directly by the customer.
  • Claims as a result of mishandling or delay must be filed with the carrier.
  • Orders for Monday arrival need to be in the office by noon the preceding Friday and orders for Thursday arrival need to in the office by noon on Tuesday.
  • FedEx and DHL orders need to be in one day prior to shipping.
  • We will email or fax your invoice with the air waybill number and approximate time of arrival noted. We also have tracking on our menu you can take advantage of.

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