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Treatment and Care of Fish

Billy Bland Fishery takes great care in producing quality fish. However, as much as we try, there are times that different disease or issues may arise that cause fish problems. With this in mind, we highly recommend that you quarantine fish received for ten days to two weeks before you sell them. We cannot be responsible for conditions caused by mixing new fish with old fish. 

Fish may come in to you in a stressed condition due to shipping. We recommend that you add salt ( dosage based on size of tank.) Keep in mind that clean fresh water is essential to maintaining healthy fish. 

A ph of 7 -8 is a good average for goldfish. The water temperature should be in a range of 65-80 degrees. Koi and goldfish will live in water temperatures below 65, but the higher water temperature is not as good for the fish.

We will be glad to answer any questions we can on fish health and care, but we do stress that it is very important to find out yourself all you can about maintaining your fish.

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